10 Most Expensive L.A. Nightclubs More Exclusive Than the Illuminati

10 Most Expensive L.A. Nightclubs More Exclusive Than the Illuminati

L.A.'s most expensive nightclubs are flocked by media all the time as celebrity guests make headlines, like the Biebs getting kicked out of Lure and a fully loaded Lindsey Lohan playing Herbie’s role (ba-dum-tss).

Local scenesters, beautiful young people with trust funds and even non-celebrity elitists are usually the only ones getting into these clubs and seeing the drama firsthand. But with a few drinks costing hundreds or thousands of dollars, maybe that’s not always a bad thing.

Whether you have the status or cash necessary to get into these steep L.A. nightclubs or are more of a bourgeoisie partyer just on the outside looking in, read on to get a glimpse into the nighttime playground of the privileged who rack up unimaginable bar tabs.

Scoff, daydream or plan accordingly as you will, and be sure to look out for some of your favorite celebrities’ names in here – you’re bound to spot one or two. And if you happen to be one of the lucky few who’s gotten into some of the most expensive nightclubs in L.A., make sure to invite your friends along next time by sharing this post!

Most Expensive Nightclubs in Los Angeles
  • Greystone Manor

    643 N. La Cienega Alley , Los Angeles

    For a mere $60 general admission plus $450-$15,500 for bottle service, you can make this pricy L.A. nightclub your hangout all night until closing. A classy manor indeed, the Greystone is styled with a modernized neo-Renaissance air and even pricier VIP booths to make extra-special guests feel like the lords they think they are. Greystone Manor is also a Los Angeles supperclub, so expect some exquisitely prepared Monster Manor fries and other California-style share plates. Don’t forget to share with Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Drake, Paris Hilton, or any of the other celebrities known to party here.

  • The Emerson Theatre

    7080 Hollywood Boulevard , Los Angeles

    Fairly new but already attracting the likes of Vin Diesel, Paris Hilton and DJ Paul Oakenfold, this exclusive L.A. nightclub self-designates itself as a theater for a reason. The whole experience inside is supposed to be a show including burlesque cage dancers and pounding hip hop from the DJ booth, to dancing guests themselves - many of whom prefer to strip down to their undergarments. The club’s vintage-modern and burlesque-inspired atmosphere sets the perfect stage for The Emerson’s theater theme, where the most elitist guests can cozy up in plush booths, pouring thousands of dollars’ worth of bottle service.

  • The Sayers Club

    1645 Wilcox Avenue , in Hollywood, Los Angeles

    Sayers is one of L.A.’s best nightclubs for consistently good live sets – if you can get in. With frequent guests ranging from Lauren Conrad to Kellie Pickler, Ashton Kutcher and Sean Lowe, you’ll pretty much need to know someone or wait a really long time and have a lot of money (think $500 bottle service) to get inside. To add more exclusivity, Sayers recently expanded when the hotdog stand in front of their entrance (yes, you read that right) closed down and they took over that space to further set apart VIP guests. All that said, surprise performances from bands like Florence and the Machine, Gotye and Bruce Willis’ daughter Rumer, are pretty common here.

  • LURE Hollywood

    Ivar Avenue , Los Angeles

    If you happen to be into the whole showy Vegas glitzy thing, then Lure might be the one expensive nightclub in Hollywood worth your cash. With LED walls, a massive dance floor and an adjoining, upscale American restaurant called Gastro Lounge next door, you can have your filet mignon and dance to it too. Beats from some of the best A-lister DJs keep the dance floor packed for hours under a 50,000-watt sound system, which VIPs like Chris Brown can join in on or watch from their booths. Oh, one last note worth mentioning: bottle service starts at just $1,500 and runs past $5k.

  • Beacher's Madhouse

    7000 Hollywood Boulevard , in Hollywood, Los Angeles

    Speaking of Vegas, Beacher’s basically combines every Vegas show into one insane, overstimulated, vaudeville-inspired and very expensive L.A. nightclub inside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. There’s an extremely small chance of getting in unless you’re on the list or with someone who is. If you’re one of the lucky elite and willing to drop $450+ on bottle service ($10+ for a single beer), don’t be surprised when flying Oompa-Loompas deliver your drinks, then zip back to the miniature bar (mini-sized glasses and everything) on suspension lines. Meanwhile, mini Katy Perry’s and Justin Bieber’s perform shows onstage while live goats and monkeys join the audience. It shouldn’t surprise that Miley Cyrus frequents Beacher’s.

  • Hyde Lounge

    8029 Sunset Boulevard , Los Angeles

    This self-proclaimed ultimate L.A. nightclub for exclusivity hosts a far different ambiance than our previous pick, with warmly dark coloring, cozy pillow-adorned crocodile leather seating, and an altogether relaxing escape from the swarming paparazzi outside. An escape meant for Hollywood’s elite of course, who you might as well know personally if you want to get in. Christina Aguilera, Hugh Hefner, Beyonce and Matt Dillon are a few known to have dropped by. Of course, they also have the money to casually spend $400-$2800 on bottle service and $12-$18+ cocktails mixed right at their tables.

  • AV Nightclub

    1601 N Cahuenga Boulevard , Los Angeles

    The required $400+ bottle service at this expensive L.A. hotspot is worth considering to pay if only just to see stars like Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, plus all the usual partiers (because who doesn’t get bored of seeing Paris Hilton). No food is served by the club’s risqué ballerina styled waitresses, but you will find all the high-end liquors, plus daily specialty cocktails. In true Hollywood swank, AV Nightclub also has go-go dancers to keep guests dancing along with the music all weekend long and every Monday night. This is definitely one of the more exclusive L.A. nightclubs, with strict bouncers preserving the luxury inside.

  • SoHo House

    9200 Sunset Boulevard , Los Angeles

    Bragging rights as a renowned creative genius, or knowing someone who is, is only the first price to get into this expensive L.A. nightclub. We’re talking Justin Timberlake status, Aaron Sorkin, Jon Hamm. Not just any celebrity or executive is let in here and even their membership costs nearly $2,000 per year. Needless to say, it’s very difficult to get through the front door at SoHo House. If you're lucky enough to get in, you’ll very likely spot some sort of powerful executive or celebrity, not to mention the beautifully serene décor to enjoy over French-inspired California dishes, and a nightlife that builds into the early hours.

  • Avalon Hollywood

    1735 N. Vine St , in Hollywood, Los Angeles

    Avalon is one of the oldest and most expensive L.A. nightclubs. Having opened its doors in 1927 as a performance theater and later a radio studio (under different names) before officially becoming the Hollywood Palace in 1964, this club has hosted some of the biggest entertainers of all time from Bing Crosby, to the Beatles’ first west coast performance, the Rolling Stones and even the Beastie Boys. These days you might spot someone like Clint Eastwood or, yes, Paris Hilton sipping a specialty cocktail or moving on the dance floor to EDM from spinners like Paul Oakenfold. This service will cost us mortals hefty wait times, plus $1,000+ bottle service.

  • Bootsy Bellows

    9229 West Sunset Blvd. , Los Angeles

    Celebrity-owned by David Arquette and celebrity packed, this expensively elitist L.A. nightclub plays host to all the big names, from Daniel Radcliffe to Selena Gomez, and Katy Perry to Leonardo DiCaprio. Usher even celebrated a birthday here (Do you think he keeps dancing when his own song comes on? Just saying.). Incidentally, Arquette actually modelled the club after his own mother’s promiscuous burlesque career…hmm. $2,000 plus table reservations and $450+ bottle service will secure you a spot amid skimpy dancers and fashionable A-listers. This nightclub is not for the prude at heart (perhaps even more so than the others anyway).

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