New York City New Year's Eve Events

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Yeah, you could spend your New Year’s Eve in New York City standing in a swarm of thousands to watch a ball drop with Ryan Seacrest. Times Square is the epicenter of New Year’s Eve in NYC. But it’s so swamped with tourists and who wants to spend their night freezing their you-know-what’s off crammed together with a bunch of strangers like rush hour on a subway in China?


There are just so many other ways of celebrating New Year’s in New York whether you’re living here or just visiting. From club and open bar events to concerts, cruises and neighborhood pub crawls, there are hundreds New York City New Year’s Eve events all over the city. And while ringing in the New Year is all about options, people come from all over the world to celebrate. Actually getting tickets for the parties you’re most interested in is all about getting a jump-start and ordering early. Trust us.