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Beacher's Madhouse

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A nightclub in Hollywood.

  • 7000 Hollywood Boulevard ,
  • Los Angeles, California,
  • 90028
(323) 785-3036

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In 2010, Jeff Beacher signed a five year, twenty-five million dollar deal to open his newest Beacher's Madhouse in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.  This revolutionary Vaudeville-inspired theater elevates the standards of Los Angeles' elite social scene, re-writing the book on theater and nightlife.

The new Beacher's Madhouse Theatre is a tribute to Hollywood's iconic past as well as a giant leap forward into the twenty-first century of entertainment.  Visitors enter through a secret passageway hidden inside of a library bookcase to find themselves surrounded by a selection of stills from Mr. Beacher's personal collection of rare, classic Hollywood photos from the early 1900's.  Proceeding down a hallway lined with antique mirrors, patrons enter the three-thousand square foot showroom designed to resemble a traditional Vaudeville theater.  With twenty banquettes seating over a hundred patrons, including a custom birdcage banquette reserved for VIPs, the spacious room maintains the cozy, luxurious feel of an old-time speakeasy, even when at the capacity of one hundred and seventy guests.  Accented by foot lights shaped like shells and draped in gorgeous red velvet curtains, the stage provides an intimate experience for both performers and spectators.

Attention to detail isn't limited to the theater's design.  VIPs can access the private underground garage reserved for those guests wishing to stay away from the cameras.  A state of the art sound and lighting system has been installed to provide a completely immersive experience throughout the theater.  Further improvements include three high-resolution video screens and surround sound, making this classic, luxurious theater a high-tech venue like no other.

Parched patrons can order a variety of beverages from either of the two full-service bars.  The first bar is modeled after the original Cinegrill bar from the 1930's, while the other is a spectacle only Jeff Beacher could create.  The mini-sized Midget Bar hosts the first and only Midget Mixologist, where standing room guests can walk up, look down, and order custom Mar-Tinys or 4 inch Mini-Bottles of liquor.  The Midget Bar stands at half the height of traditional bars, with a midget-friendly banquette available nearby for height-challenged guests.

Seated guests throughout the theater will be treated to the spectacle of having their bottle orders delivered by the world's first Beau Joie Flying Midget Bartenders.  Sailing into the air from behind the Midget Bar and flying through the theater to the guest's table, they descend to deliver the bottle and then wave goodbye to the stunned and amazed patrons as they rise again and fly away.

Attendees of Beacher's Madhouse performances, held Wednesday through Saturday from 10PM to 2AM will be treated to world-renowned acts such as the Madhouse Dancing Oompa Loompas, sultry singers, Tiny Kiss, live monkeys and goats, Mini Lady Gaga, beautiful and exotic burlesque dancers, live bands and DJs, the Madhouse Mascots such as Giant Bunny Rabbits and Pink Gorillas, Mini Britney Spears, thousands of variety acts and an audience filled with the world's most beautiful women.  Fans will also be invited to take part in the legendary audience participation contests, including Karaoke Rockstar and Dance Idol competitions.

From March 2011 through September 2011, the Madhouse will open for a limited engagement to the general public.  During this time, everyone will have an  opportunity to buy tables in the Madhouse and experience Hollywood's newest sensation first-hand.  Prospective members must apply and be approved by our board.  To keep the Madhouse as exclusive as possible, we will only be accepting two thousand members in total.  Beacher's Madhouse has an unusual set of rules, with membership being revoked for such offenses as feeding alcohol or other substances to the Midgets and removing any live animals or Midgets from the Madhouse.

Members will be allowed to use the theater for personal or private events such as screening a feature, showcasing the hottest musicians and comedians, debuting a pilot, providing specialized tastings, hosting private parties, launching new products, or simply watching a sporting event with some friends, offering an unparalleled experience.  Specialized food offerings, tailor-made entertainment and service packages, and personalized performances are a few examples of the high level of service which has always been associated with Jeff Beacher and the Beacher's Madhouse brand throughout its storied history.

In September, the theater closes to the general public and is open only for members and their guests seven days a week featuring comedy, music, burlesque, and karaoke, with full variety shows every Wednesday through Saturday.  These events will be held exclusively for members and their guests, featuring unique performers and never-before-seen acts set in the magnificent and playful Beacher's Madhouse Theatre, a permanent fixture of Hollywood's bright future and a nod to its  glamorous past.

Beacher's Madhouse

7000 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, 90028

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Speaking of Vegas, Beacher’s basically combines every Vegas show into one insane, overstimulated, vaudeville-inspired and very expensive L.A. nightclub inside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. There’s an extremely small chance of getting in unless you’re on the list or with someone who is. If you’re one of the lucky elite and willing to drop $450+ on bottle service ($10+ for a single beer), don’t be surprised when flying Oompa-Loompas deliver your drinks, then zip back to the miniature bar (mini-sized glasses and everything) on suspension lines. Meanwhile, mini Katy Perry’s and Justin Bieber’s perform shows onstage while live goats and monkeys join the audience. It shouldn’t surprise that Miley Cyrus frequents Beacher’s.

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