Mike Ditka's
Mike Ditka's

We are Mike Ditka's

in Chicago.

  • 100 East Chestnut Street ,
  • Chicago, Illinois,
  • 60611
(312) 587-8989

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You never know who or what you'll see at my place.

Mike Ditka's

100 East Chestnut Street, Chicago, 60611

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Yes, THE Mike Ditka, former football player, commentator and coach for the Bears and Saints. “Da coach” happens to love food almost as much as football, and our bellies are just happy that his culinary passion made its way to this Mag Mile restaurant location of Ditka’s steakhouse, where Ditka himself hangs out and even visits with customers. Needless to say, service is awesome here, so we’ll overlook the fact that it’s a bit touristy. Start your meal with the pot roast nachos, a full menu of signature cocktails, beers, lots of wine and of course, the locally produced steaks and fresh seafood entrees.

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