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Pizzeria Due

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  • 619 North Wabash Avenue ,
  • Chicago, Illinois,
  • 60611
(312) 943-2400

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In Chicago, eating pizza is a dining experience, not just a snack. But it wasn't always that way.
Ike Sewell changed things back in 1943 when he created Deep Dish Pizza. Some folks call it Chicago pizza. Ike figured that if you combined some of Italy's old, authentic recipes with impressive quantities of the finest meats, spices, vegetables and cheeses, pizza would become a hearty meal. So he opened Pizzeria Uno as a fine restaurant specializing in his new Deep Dish Pizza, and it wasn't long before the restaurant had more customers than it could handle.

Because Uno didn't have enough room to expand, Ike did another wonderful thing. He opened Pizzeria Due on the opposite street corner in the lower level of a beautiful, Victorian mansion. The rest is legend. Pizzeria Uno and Pizzeria Due have become the most celebrated Pizzerias in the world. They've been mentioned in gourmet cookbooks, written about in magazines and major newspapers, and featured on television and radio shows.

Ike's original Deep Dish Pizza has been imitated many times, but never quite duplicated. But the story doesn't end there. You see, Ike was born in Texas and grew up on hearty Mexican cooking and the local variations called Tex-Mex. He thrived on this flavorful food but couldn't find it in Chicago. So, in 1963, Ike opened Su Casa in the carriage house of the mansion that houses Pizzeria Due and brought his own special style of Mexican dining to the windy city. Su Casa quickly became the gathering place for Mexican food ficionados, and has remained so now for almost 50 years!

Pizzeria Due

619 North Wabash Avenue, Chicago, 60611

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Not all Chicago style deep dish pizzas are made alike, and some people prefer more sauce than others, different crust crispiness, overall saltiness…you get it. Pizzeria Due is for the crispy crust lovers who don’t crave the extra-buttery spin that other deep dish places create. The crispier crust serves the thicker spread of sauce well, and everything comes together under lots of melty cheese. Prices are fairly high, but you’ll be sure to go home full after devouring one of their specialties, like the Numero Uno with extra cheese and sausage on top of pepperoni, mushrooms and green peppers, the Four Cheese and Pesto, or the BBQ Chicken with red onions, citrus BBQ sauce and a cheesy blend.

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